During this inspiring 2 Day Singing
Bowl Bodywork Training you will learn the history and the many uses of the Tibetan or Himalayan Singing Bowl.  

Singing Bowls have been used for thousands of years in spiritual and healing practices.  Modern science is understanding more and more the amazing benefits that sound therapy has in assisting the rebalancing  of the bodies electrical system, re-balancing the brain, lowering blood pressure, creating a healing response and stimulating the immune system  among many other benefits.  

Singing Bowl Bodywork therapy can by done by anyone with a healing intention and elevates all types of healing modalities.  It is used by massage therapists, counselors, yoga and meditation instructors, addiction counselors and medical staff and Reiki and energy healers.

Everybody and Every Body can benefit from Singing Bowl Bodywork Therapy!


You will learn 4 different bodywork protocols including the Nepalese Water/Chakra Balancing that all create deep relaxation, balance the physical, mental, emotional bodies as well as all of the layers of tissue in the body.  

The sound and vibration from the Singing Bowls penetrate deeply into the body releasing patterns of stress and tension. I personally have been witness to many spontaneous "healings" as accumulated energy  is released from the body and proper energy flow and function thru the tissue and energy meridians has been re-balanced.  Pain dissolves, tension disappears, harmony is restored.  

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